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Calendar of Events

January 27, 2023


Fifth Sunday at North SeaTac Park

January 29, 3pm-4:30pm @ North SeaTac Park

Help transform a forest. North SeaTac Park is a 200+ urban oasis under the flight paths of SeaTac Airport. The trees here clean, quiet, and cool the air - true guardians of the community! We'll be working in a corner of the park, under towering poplars and Douglas Fir, that was almost completely overrun with ivy that carpeted the ground and climbed the tree trunks until we began to transform it in early 2021. During two annual Green SeaTac Days in 2021 and 2022, volunteers have planted white pine, grand and douglas fir, cedar, snowberries, fringe cup, salal, flowering currant, and more on the newly-cleared land. Continuing work is needed to protect these new plantings so that they can thrive. At this event, we'll do a site tour to see how the new plantings are doing, remove re-emerging weeds, and continue to expand the cleared area to provide even more of a buffer for the new plantings - and space for new ones. more